How to Help Your Preschool Understand What It Means to Feel Thankful

During the Thanksgiving season, the concept of thankfulness comes up, especially for young children. Whether encountered in books, songs, family discussions, questions from others or school activities, preschoolers often find themselves hearing the question, "What are you thankful for?" However, grasping the idea of thankfulness and gratitude can be a challenge for their  young, developing minds. Here are some ideas on how to help your preschooler understand the meaning of thankfulness.

1. Define Thankfulness in Kid-Friendly Terms: Explaining thankfulness to children requires simplicity. Try this approach: Being grateful or feeling thankful means thinking about what is good in your life and noticing and appreciating it. Children will have different ideas of what to feel thankful for than us as adults.

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         2. Relate it to Their Lives: Encourage children to connect the concept of thankfulness to their own lives and experiences. Prompt them to share what and who holds special significance in their lives. This could be people that love, things or activities that they love to do, objects that hold a special place in their hearts. 

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3. Keep it Simple: Recognize that thankfulness is a broad and complex topic, allow children to lead the conversation, understanding that what they find special may differ from adult perspectives.  A fun and simple way that our family keeps the conversation going is throughout the month of November, we have a pumpkin available for all of us to write the things we feel thankful for on. Sometimes I will ask the kids and sometimes, they will draw or write on it on their own as they think of it and then this decorated pumpkin will become our table decorations on Thanksgiving. Embracing their choices, even if they include "cars" or "pillows," adds a touch of their personalities to the season.

Conclusion: Thanksgiving is a time to instill gratitude in young hearts. By defining thankfulness in kid-friendly terms, encouraging personal connections, and keeping the conversation simple, you can help your preschooler appreciate the positive aspects of their lives. Consider incorporating thankful activities into your holiday traditions! What holiday traditions does your family have around thankfulness? Share your experiences!


Other Thankful Activities Click the photos below to find out more!





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