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Baby Care, Daycare Dramatic Play, Pretend Play Set for Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten

Baby Care, Daycare Dramatic Play, Pretend Play Set for Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten

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This Baby Care Dramatic Play, pretend play set is made to use in your classroom or home to add to children’s Baby Care Play. Add these signs, checklists and labels to play objects such as baby dolls, play clothes, diapers, bottles and boxes for supplies or beds- you can also add school supplies to play daycare or school.

I recommend laminating or using page protectors for these pages to protect them and use them over and over and using dry erase markers or crayons to add writing or do checklists will work well.

These pages were made with all ages in mind to create opportunities to add to natural play ideas that children have. They also add opportunities to build reading/ pre reading skills, writing and prewriting skills, add vocabulary, number use and creativity to children’s natural play. Young children learn best through their interests and through PLAY!

Included in this set:

1. Daycare Open Sign

2. Daycare Closed Sign

3. Name your Daycare sign

4. Baby birth certificate

5. What Does baby need? Checklist

6. Daily Baby care Checklist

7. Decorate a Onesie

8. Room Labels

9. Blank Labels to practice writing

10. Daily Schedule

11. Diaper Bag Packing Checklist

12. Baby Food Recipes

13. Make your own baby food recipes( fill in)


15.Baby’s Family Picture ( blank, fill in)

Watch the video preview to see what is included

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