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Printable Calming Corner for Home or Classroom with Signs and Social Skills Stories

Printable Calming Corner for Home or Classroom with Signs and Social Skills Stories

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This set is perfect for a calming area or calm down corner or a calming basket in a classroom or at home.

The idea is to give children a space where they can go to feel safe, quiet and get space to think, talk about their feelings and calm down and problem solve if they need to.

This set has signs, cards and labels and activities to add to an area to help children know that they are in a safe, calm place and give them tools and ideas to use to help calm their body down or relax their body if needed.

This set also includes 3 different social skills stories, with simple pictures and sentences that go through calming strategies, problem solving and playing with friends.

This set includes:

-Signs to label the area: “Calming Corner” “Safe Space” or “Calm Down Spot”

-Affirmation sign

-Feelings Sign

-Calming Strategies Sign and small cards

-Breathing Strategies Cards

-Trace and Breathe Cards

-Count and Breathe Sign

-Count the Dots Activity Sign

-When I'm Mad, Calming Strategies Social Skills Stories: Goes through different calming strategies that children can use to calm their body down.

-Problem Solving, Finding a Solution Social Skills Stories: Strategies and Scripts for solving problems and finding solutions to common problems with others.

-Playing with Friends Social Skills Stories: Gives children scripts and ideas about how they can make new friends or play with others.

*****With this purchase you will receive a zip file with 4 different PDF files to download
1 with the calming corner printables and 1 for each social skills story

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This is a Digital Product for you to download and print at home. No physical product will be sent.

Because of the nature of digital products, no returns are available. I you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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