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Camping Dramatic Play, Pretend Play for Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten

Camping Dramatic Play, Pretend Play for Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten

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This Printable Dramatic Play set allows children to pretend play that they are camping at a campground!

These pages can be used in a preschool, PreK or Kindergarten classroom or at home and added to familiar toys or objects to go with playing camping.

This set includes Play and Write Ideas that encourage writing and prewriting skills while children are playing. This set is meant to add to the play happening by adding words, reading and pre reading opportunities, writing and prewriting opportunities, numbers and counting opportunities and ideas for creative pretend play. Add these pages to large boxes and blankets to make your own tent, a stand to play as a check in area, paper towels tubes and paper or fabric to build a pretend fire and fabric to build a lake for fishing. Laminating most of these pages will make these pages more durable and be able to be used many times! Page Protectors would also work well. Dry erase markers or crayons can be used with both.

Included in this set is:

-Camping Open Sign

-Camp Site Signs

-Packing List

-S’more Recipe

-Park Ranger Nametag

-Sign in Sign

-Park Map

-Activity Signs

-Fire Safety Sign

-Animal Sign

-Bird Watching Station Sign

-Camping Activities Visual

-Park Ranger Hat

-Fishing Game ( use stick and string and tape or magnets to “catch” letter or number fish)

-“Camping” Banner

At the end of this set are some fillable signs, forms and pages where children can practice writing in the dramatic play area or in a writing center at home or school.

- Name your campground

--Campground Check in Sheet

-Fillable Packing List

-Decorate your Park Ranger Hat

--Fillable Park Ranger Nametags

-Nature Hunt

-Animal Checklist

-Fillable Signs

-Fillable Labels

-- Make your Own Park Map

-Make your Own Banner

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This is a Digital Product for you to download and print at home. No physical product will be sent.

Because of the nature of digital products, no returns are available. I you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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