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Printable Car Activities for Kids, Road Trip Activities for Kids

Printable Car Activities for Kids, Road Trip Activities for Kids

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This road trip activity pack includes 11 different activities for young children to stay busy and learning while in a car or traveling. These activities are fun and they also work on skills such as colors, fine motor skills, writing, drawing, counting, numbers, letters and vocabulary!

Activities include:

-Colored Magnifying Glasses: Cut them out and have children use them to look through the windows and find things of that coordinating color.

-What do you see?: Children can circle things that they see over the whole road trip or over a period of time.

-What do you see? Vehicle Hunt: Children can color in or make checkmarks next to the vehicles that they see.

-What do you see? Nature Hunt: Children can color in the box or make a checkmark next to the nature objects that they see out their window.

-I see…Color Hunt: Children can draw pictures of objects that they see in the corresponding color box. For example, if a child sees a red barn out their window, they can draw a picture of it in the red box.

-I see… Letter Hunt: Children can look at road signs and circle the letters that the see.

- 2 draw or draw and write: Children can draw or draw and write about what they will do when they get to their destination and what they are excited about on their trip.

-How many animals do you see?: Children will draw pictures of animals that they see and when they are done, they write the number of animals.

- Make a story ( 2 pages): Children will hear the prompt and use the pictures on the paper to create and tell a story. Children can also choose to draw or write out their story instead.

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