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Construction Theme Calming Corner Signs, Activities and Stories

Construction Theme Calming Corner Signs, Activities and Stories

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This printable set is perfect for a calming area or calm down corner or a calming basket in a classroom or at home for children who love construction theme vehicles.

The idea is to give children a space where they can go to feel safe, and quiet and get space to think, talk about their feelings and calm down and problem-solve if they need to.


This set has signs, cards, labels, and activities all with a construction theme, to add to an area to help children know that they are in a safe, calm place and give them tools and ideas to use to help calm their bodies down or relax their bodies if needed.

This set also includes 3 different social skills stories, with simple pictures and sentences that go through calming strategies, problem-solving and playing with friends.


This set includes:

-Signs to label the area: “Calming Corner” “Safe Space” or “Calm Down Spot”

-Affirmation sign

-Feelings Sign

-Calming Strategies Sign and small cards

-Breathing Strategies Cards

-Trace and Breathe Cards

-Count and Breathe Sign

-Hammer the rocks Activity Sign

- Draw Your Feelings Pages

-When I'm Mad, Calming Strategies Social Skills Stories: Goes through different calming strategies that children can use to calm their bodies down.

-Problem Solving, Finding a Solution Social Skills Stories: Strategies and Scripts for solving problems and finding solutions to common problems with others.

-Playing with Friends Social Skills Stories: Gives children scripts and ideas about how they can make new friends or play with others.


With this purchase, you will receive a zip file with 4 different PDF files to download

1 with the calming corner printables and 1 for each social skills story

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Because of the nature of digital products, no returns are available. I you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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