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Custom Social Skills Story, Social Emotional Learning

Custom Social Skills Story, Social Emotional Learning

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Does your child have a new event coming up?
Something that they feel nervous about?
A new life skill to learn?
These printable social skills stories can be customized with your child's name and pictures/ clipart that resemble your child.

Social skills stories are a great way to teach new concepts on social skills or social emotional learning and also to help children prepare for new life situations. Visuals and simple phrases will help children to feel confident and prepared when trying something new, going somewhere new, in new life situations, or completing daily tasks. Social skills stories can also be great reminders for daily life skills and tasks that children encounter. When children are able to feel prepared and know expectations, it can increase confidence and independence to create more success in new or routine tasks.

This custom social skills story listing is a way for you purchase a custom story and to contact me to start the communication on making your social skills story. Let me take the work out of it for you!

These Social skills stories will use colorful, clipart images and short simple phrases appropriate for young children. The preview pictures show the style of clipart or similar style that will be used. PLEASE LOOK AT THESE BEFORE YOU PURCHASE. These social skills stories will be made on letter size paper with 1/2 pages and will be approximately 10-20 1/2 pages long.

Examples of Customizable social skills stories that I can make for your child:
- Going to the Doctor,
- Starting Swimming Lessons
- What to do when I'm Feeling Mad
- Calm Down Strategies
- I'm Having a Surgery
- Starting School
- I'm Moving to a New House
- My Family is Having a New Baby
- How to Make Friends
- My Daily Schedule
- My Bedtime Routine

and more!

Let's Talk:
1. Download your PDF and Follow the link to a google Form to give me information about the story that you want. 
2. I will contact you with any follow up questions before I begin
3. Turnaround time is 2-4 days.
4. When I have finished making the social skills story, I will contact you and upload it to your listing for you to download.
5. You will receive a PDF file, that you will download, print, cut and assemble.

I will allow for one edit if needed.

Shipping & Returns

This is a Digital Product for you to download and print at home. No physical product will be sent.

Because of the nature of digital products, no returns are available. I you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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