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Fall Theme Busy Box Activities for Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten

Fall Theme Busy Box Activities for Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten

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This Fall Themed Busy Activity Set includes 10 low prep, printable activities for preschool and PreK.  Perfect for learning at home or school. These activities can be stored with simple materials in their own boxes or bags for an easy grab activity to use for morning bins, morning tubs, centers, quiet time activities travel or just playing and learning at home.

The printable pages need very little prep with possible cutting out before their first use, but then all you will need is add a few common supplies to the printables and they are ready to go!

I recommend storing each activity and supplies in it’s own bag or container. Then when you need a quick activity for a morning bin, quiet time, classroom center, travel or more, you can pull one out easily ready to go!

Here is what you will need for each activity:

-Activity 1 Number Puzzles: No extra supplies needed

-Activity 2 Pattern Strips: Colored pom poms or counters.

-Activity 3 Roll and Cover: Add dice and something to cover the numbers

(counters, pieces of paper)

-Activity 4 Make a Shape: Pipe Cleaners and playdough

-Activity 5 Letter Trot: Magnetic Letters and toy farm animal/s

-Activity 6 Tracing Paths: Marker or crayons/ dry erase markers or crayons

-Activity 7 Color Matching: Colored Pom poms, tweezers, tongs or other tools.

-Activity 8 Clip Cards: Clothespins or clips

-Activity 9 Block Tower: Legos, blocks or unifix cubes

-Activity 10 Sensory Bin Hunt: Sensory bin materials and scoops. Marker for list

If possible, I recommend laminating the printables or using page protectors or contact paper to get the most use out of them, but it is not necessary to use.

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