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Preschool Monthly Subscription Binder, Preschool Workbook, June Preschool Homeschool Activities, Ice Theme, Water Theme, Summer Theme

Preschool Monthly Subscription Binder, Preschool Workbook, June Preschool Homeschool Activities, Ice Theme, Water Theme, Summer Theme

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Grab your June Play, Learn, Create Homeschool Preschool Learning Pack with Ice and Water theme and summer theme activities. Set these activities up as a workbook, busy bins, morning work or individual worksheets.

This June Printable Monthly Preschool Learning Binder has 20 activities with 2 different themes: Water and Ice and Summer Themes! It is perfect for preschool at home, homeschool, daycare, morning bins. It is a teacher made, flexible learning pack that you can do at your own pace. The activities can be done with simple, interactive materials from home and cover all areas of development for preschoolers!

 Each theme has 10 activities that are simple, playful, interactive and use simple materials from home to play, learn and create. This set was made for learning at home with a preschool or PreK focus. It was made to make learning and teaching easy and fun. This set was made to be able to do 5 activities each week, with each theme lasting 2 weeks. The great part, though? It is flexible! Do 2 activities each day, do them only when needed, fill the weekend with activities- you get to decide! Don’t be afraid to do the activities more than one time. Children love repetition and review, and it is a great way to learn.

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Monthly Themes:
January: Hibernation and Polar/Arctic Animals
February- Hearts and Feelings
March- Transportation, Community Helpers
April- Birds, Bugs/insects
May- Plants, Butterflies
***June- Ice and Water/ Summer
July- Camping, Ocean
August- My Body, 5 senses
September- Farm and Apples
October- Pumpkins and Fall
November- Spiders and
December- Snow and Gingerbread

Printing Instructions:
You will receive a PDF file and will print it out on letter size paper. You can bind your page in a binder, keep them loose in a folder, put them in individual busy boxes. It is up to you! There is a User Guide and Activity guides included to let you know any prep that is needed.

These activities work on skills such as fine motor skills, writing, counting, numbers, pre reading skills, letter sounds phonics, vocabulary, rhyming, creativity and patterns all while using simple materials to make them playful and interactive.

There are a few ways to set up this pack:

1.Put each page in a page protector and put them all into a binder to turn into a busy binder/ workbook. Use Dry Erase Markers or Crayons for repeated use!

2.Leave the pages loose and just grab a page when you need an activity.

3.Put each activity into a box or bag with the simple materials needed for it to create some busy box or bags ready to use.

Materials Needed for this pack:


Crayons, markers or other drawing tools




pom poms

Water, Eye droppers, Ice

Tip: Use Dry Erase Markers or Crayons if you Laminate or use page protectors for these pages. Then you can have the activities ready to do again and again!

Use the Activity Guides to help you through the activities and HAVE FUN playing, learning and creating!

Shipping & Returns

This is a Digital Product for you to download and print at home. No physical product will be sent.

Because of the nature of digital products, no returns are available. I you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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