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Printable Custom-Made Name Train Activity

Printable Custom-Made Name Train Activity

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This printable Name Train is a great activity for children to learn the letters in their name and offers beginning skills in spelling their name.

2 versions of this name train are included.
-1. With a Beginning uppercase letter followed by lowercase letters. This is how most children will learn to write and recognize their name in kindergarten.
-2. All Uppercase Letters. Some preschools will use this option to help children recognize their name or identify letters in their name easier, also sometimes to do beginning writing.

To Prep this activity:
Cut out the train cars around the black lines all along the outside. Add Velcro on the black circles. Start with the Engine with name and have children find the train car with the first letter of their name and connect it to the Engine. Keep going with the rest of the letters in their name, connecting them with Velcro as they go. Then add the caboose at the end! There is also one blank Engine car included that you could choose to use instead of one that contains your child’s name.

To get one with your child’s name, fill out the google form in the PDF that you receive with your purchase. I will contact you if I need more information. There will be a 1-3 day turnaround time. You will then receive a PDF file with your train pages to print out. Cardstock is recommended. As well as laminating the train cars, if possible, for strength- or using contact paper is also a great option.

Shipping & Returns

This is a Digital Product for you to download and print at home. No physical product will be sent.

Because of the nature of digital products, no returns are available. I you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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