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Toddler Thanksgiving Activity Book

Toddler Thanksgiving Activity Book

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Introducing our Printable Toddler Thanksgiving Activity Packet, a playful resource designed to engage and educate your toddler or early preschooler (ages 2-4) about the wonders of Fall and Thanksgiving! Directions for use are included to make learning a breeze.

Within this activity packet, you will see six different activities that encourage play and hands-on exploration. Toddlers thrive when learning through play, and these activities are thoughtfully crafted to enhance their cognitive and motor skills. Feel free to get creative and adapt as needed!

Activity 1: Color Collage Turkey Materials Needed: Collage supplies and glue Encourage creativity with this activity using collage supplies you have on hand. From cut-up paper and tissue paper to pom poms, beads, sequins, leaves from outside, and feathers, these materials foster discussions about colors and fine motor skills as your toddler glues them together.

Activity 2: Playdough Turkey Gather different colors of Playdough and watch your toddler's imagination soar as they decorate the turkey's feathers. Explore various playdough techniques like molding, shaping, and matching colors.

Activity 3: Fall Sensory Bin Hunt Sensory activities are perfect for toddlers, providing engaging experiences that boost motor and early math skills. Create a sensory bin with items like sand, dry beans, dry corn, oats, and water. Add Fall-themed items, bowls, cups, spoons, and scoops. Use the printable sheet as a guide, customizing it with items from your own home.

Activity 4: Fall Leaf Hunt Take your exploration outdoors as you observe the changing trees and leaves. Discuss colors and encourage your toddler to bring a writing utensil to practice holding and circling what they see on the provided page.

Activity 5: Leaf Coloring Page After the Fall leaf hunt, enhance your child's creativity by collecting leaves with multiple colors. Consider using a magnifying glass for closer examination. Your toddler can decorate a leaf with various colors using crayons, markers, paint, or collage materials.

Activity 6: I'm Thankful For... Engage in a conversation with your toddler about Thanksgiving and the meaning of gratitude. Encourage them to draw or color a picture of something they love or are thankful for, and jot down their words at the bottom. This creates a meaningful keepsake to cherish.

You can use these activities individually, staple them together to create a packet, or even laminate them or use page protectors in a binder. Whichever method you choose, our Toddler Thanksgiving Activity Packet promises a memorable learning journey for your little one, fostering creativity, exploration, and a deeper understanding of the Thanksgiving spirit!

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